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Does your Business have open windows to the Internet

BioITpm was founded on a new understanding of the information technology domain, bringing focus to cybersecurity and business intelligence.

Our services allow senior management to obtain a
complete control and comprehension over their IT services, and to benefit from world-class data backup and restoration technology.

Our enterprise is specialized in
compliance as well – working to ensure your business always meet industry norms on all levels.

With BioITpm overseeing your information technology department, you will enjoy a stronger cybersecurity, advanced recovery protocols in case of an emergency and the peace of mind of knowing your company meets all required norms in your industry.

How BioITpm can help you...

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Our expert team will guide you through certifications and audits.



Benefit from world-leading solutions to protect your data.



Our team will ensure your IT solutions are used to their full potential.

Our goal is to help secure your IT environment and provide management with a complete status report, in a clear and precise language, of your technological infrastructure.

The process is laborious and detailed but comes with substantial benefits for your organization. To have a clear understanding and a complete control over your company’s technologies – you can’t put a price on that.

Go well beyond IT with BioITpm
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