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Business intelligence

Your IT department is likely to occupy a significant portion of your budget. Like any part of your business, there is always a way to optimize costs and performance.

This is where we come in.

Thanks to an in-depth analysis that only a vast IT experience can offer, we will give you a clear picture of your IT operations as well as an optimization plan that will save you time and money.
Let us present you with a report of the strengths and weaknesses of your IT. Take back control of your IT department and normalize its budget.
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Contracts & services in place

By necessity, your IT team employs several products and services to ensure the smooth running of your operations.

Let us evaluate the range of tools used in your department and issue an exhaustive list of recommendations to optimize the performance of your IT and related expenses.

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Commercial transactions

Are you planning a merger or acquisition? Make sure you understand the IT issues during such a business transaction.

Dispatch BioITpm on site and get a clear picture of the situation as well as a concise cost analysis to avoid surprises.

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Purchase of material

Take advantage of our impressive catalog of suppliers as well as our preferential prices for your equipment purchases.

We make sure that your business will benefit from equipment specifically adapted to your use, at the best possible price.

We also offer to perform your RFQ and RFI to find what is best for your company.

Take advantage of an efficient and optimized IT department and avoid surprises.
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