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About us

With decades of experience in the IT world, BioITpm is a company that puts forward robust expertise in IT environments as well as in business administration.

Founded by Louis-Martin Landry, BioITpm aims to be an important ally in the management of IT services for large companies by offering cybersecurity , compliance and business intelligence services that will support IT teams and help senior management better understand their IT issues.
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Why did we choose this business model?
In many ways, we made IT compliance for you, our customer.

We believe that information technology has ceased to be a "mere tool" and has become an essential part of every business, and that the regulations surrounding information technology will continue to expand. Even to the point that the internal team, as well as the providers of managed services, the manufacturers of equipment and software will not have the capacity to analyze their products and services with a thought for the conformity in mind.

We build cases to ensure that stakeholders have peace of mind, not only about the security of their infrastructure, but also about compliance with the various authorities to which they must respond.

Customers from various backgrounds











Our goal is to help secure your IT environment and provide management with a complete status report, in a clear and precise language, of your technological infrastructure.

The process is laborious and detailed but comes with substantial benefits for your organization. To have a clear understanding and a complete control over your company’s technologies – you can’t put a price on that.
Go well beyond IT with BioITpm
Bring your company to the next level.
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