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Services #1: Compliance – Master Validation Plan, SOP’s, IT Workbook, GAMP5, 21CFRPart11, ISO, IT Audits.

By creating a Master validation plan, you will be able to elaborate a list of priorities for the suppliers and the IT and IS team to write standard operating procedures. Through time, BioITpm has found ways to automate a great part of the documentation such as the performance qualification and the asset inventory, permitting a smoother integration of this work process for the technical staff, limiting their implication to the installation and operation documentation.

The creation of standard operating procedures can be performed with current templates from your company or developed with BioITpm standard templates. It can also be possible that all these documents will be cumulated in an IT “cookbook,” permitting not only to have standard operating procedures per device, assets or software, but also policies pertaining to the governance and good practices that should be followed and respected by the IT team.


Finally, it is possible to integrate all these documents and supporting material such as device performance logs into a centralized repository such as an electronic document management system. The cumulation of all this information will enable to perform elaborate Boolean searches through all the documentation and also numerically sign a document accumulating all pertaining and relevant information for a specific incident in a PDF/a format.


Retaining knowledge for a specifically approved period, your IT department will unknowingly surpass basic requirements specified in conventionally known regulations such as ITIL and Cobit and meet the general concept of ISO of the plan, do, check, and act while finding quick answers similar to a level of a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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Services #2: Project Management, special projects

When senior management arrives with good news or bringing in a new technology, the first answer they usually get from the internal team or the suppliers is: “we are missing time” or “we will need more resources for this.” BioITpm can help you in pushing through special projects:

  • With 30 years of experience in IT management of projects, from:

    • On the road IT technician (1991-1993),

    • IS technical support (1994-2002) to

    • IT Manager in Biotechs and pharmaceuticals (2002-2007),

    • managed service providers (2007-2018),

    • construction of buildings (2017-2018) and

    • management of cyber security response teams (2019-2020),

    • we feel comfortable to say that we know a little bit about project management in IT!

  • The ITTO’s (Input, Tools & Techniques and Output) and concepts put forward in the project management courses are well understood by BioITpm. We can drive projects from beginning to end or be an excellent support to your general practice internal project managers.

  • A project may be in need of coordination from the head office to the internal team as well as with suppliers. BioITpm excels in those particular mandates, as we know, the expectations of each typical party involved, having taken the seat of suppliers (MSP), internal team (IT Manager in various companies) and stakeholder (as an entrepreneur).

  • Although we are not project manager professionals (PMP), we are registered with the local PMI-Montreal project management entity. Louis Martin is currently studying for the PMP course and certification.

Services # 3: Private RFI-RFP-RFQ, IT budget, Growth planning, IT department preparation for a merger or acquisition.

Let's face it, many top executives don't fully understand what they are paying for IT technology and information services (IS) spending in their business. In the early 2000s, a large Canadian bank informed me on condition of anonymity when I was in one of their project; that 60% of all IT projects were fully funded and paid for by the bank and never went into production for all kinds of reasons.

  • Using business intelligence, BioITpm can help you understand and create a concise IT budget, break down capital and operational expenses, calculate the total value of the obligation of contracts in place, as well as analysis the strengths and weaknesses of your product and service contracts.

  • By writing documents to conduct a private and personalized request for information (RFI), request for proposals (RFP) and request for quotation (RFQ), you will have a solid foundation for making market comparisons of various products and solutions, presented to the information technology (IT) department and management to provide a clear vision for cost forecasts as well as supplier expectations in terms of contracts. At the same time, you'll save money and gain a better understanding of the investment in your IT.

  • By using tools such as RFI, RFP and RFQ in a basic bidding process as well as developing an IT budget, you will begin to control costs and be able to determine the necessary investments. if you need growth (planning for growth), and consider concepts such as “evergreen” for your network environment.

  • Are you planning a merger? An acquisition or a public call for tenders? That's great! But the necessary checks that are performed by many entitées often do not have a thorough look at IT from each side.

  • As the IT market changes, we have made a decision to practice our profession in a much different way than managed service providers: we have made a commitment to disclose any commission received for a product or service that we do. recommend. This unique concept of commission disclosure allows us to offer a fully transparent and best decision for the client.

    • If a supplier offers us a commission and we do not wish to receive it, that aforementioned commission may also be transferred directly to a non-profit organization of BioITpm's choice or your choice.

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Services # 4: Headquarters, Internal team and supplier relationship and management.

Relationships with your head office are sometimes complex, as the goals of the head office may be different from the local office, we can ensure that the local IT team is able to meet the standards of the head office. BioITpm can help senior management ensure that the local team meets the requirements of the Headquarters Security Operations Center (SOC).

  • BioITpm can also act as an intermediary between your internal team and your suppliers if the relationship is difficult or requires an intermediary.

  • In short, BioITpm can act as a 'diplomatic ambassador' with the various parties to ensure smooth conversations and ensure that stakeholders and senior management have a progression in their projects with an impartial third party entity as the representative.

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