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Although we do not limit ourselves to these three packages, we do offer bundled services to help you in the transition of our services in your business. From an introduction to a continuous monthly service all the way to a burst of services in case of an emergency, BioITpm has the capability of being there for you. Our “maximum five clients” concept means that you will always be an absolute priority for us, especially in more difficult times and on the long run.

Package - Intro

  • The introductory package enables BioITpm to ascertain a first in-depth overview in your current IT infrastructure, not only as a security aspect, but also with compliance vision. Our concept is built with certain industry standards such as NIST, and other tools such as Rapid Fire Tools and ID Agent and Cyber Hawk that other managed service providers will offer. However, we will proceed to another level and evaluate your business risks, pertaining to the compliance that you must meet from authorities, such as GAMP 5 and 21 CFR part 11 for pharmaceuticals, ISO that is regulating your business industry, and other norms such as your professional order regulations.

  • This can be very useful for management either to confirm what your IT department is presenting you, or, as a simple audit. This could also be as a reassurance to various stakeholders that all your obligations pertaining to your IT infrastructure are met.

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Package - Continuous Security and Compliance Monitoring and Training- Sweet spot

  • Sweet spot: once an intro package security audit has been performed, you might want to continue our follow-ups of your infrastructure on a monthly basis. Also, there might be corrections which need to be put in place. Furthermore, from our experience, there are very few IT departments which actually document appropriately the infrastructure. With a monthly package, we will ensure that you get monthly reports that show improvements and correction’s evolution.

  • For the IT team to appropriately document the infrastructure, we will be able to offer crash courses on documentation practises. For the management team, we will offer a crash course on understanding the documentation and associating documentation to regulations of your business practice.

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Package - Burst

  • Burst: we call this package burst, because we expect some infrastructure will have major non-compliance in need of major work to perform. In this case, we will become project managers and possibly support compliance agents if given appropriate authorizations from management.

  • This will enable us to really dig in depth in the network and processes and validate the detail work from the IT team as well as every aspect of your infrastructure. A burst would be for a relatively short period of time, such as three months, accompanied afterwards with a continuous security monitoring service through the sweet spot agreement.

  • Finally, understanding the past will help predict the future. We will help the management in understanding past expenses and appropriate budgets in current and future years to be assigned to the IT department. In a transparent fashion, we will help you build the IT budget in a detailed approach with management and the IT department.

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