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Data protection

Managing data is one thing, but being able to deal with the unexpected at any moment without data loss is not easy. Our expertise allows us to protect your data so that you are never caught off guard.

Can you quickly restore your data in the event of a failure?
How much is a downtime, disaster or data theft costing you?
Is your sensitive data safe from cyber attacks?

BioITpm goes far beyond backups, anti-virus or other protective measures. Through our mandate, we deploy some of the best tools and measures in the world so that your business can recover from an outage in minutes - not days.
We provide some of the best data protection solutions on the planet for your business. Avoid spending a fortune when an outage comes - restore your environment quickly with our solutions.
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Outages & disasters

Your business depends more and more on connected solutions and services and when a disaster or an outage strikes, it always comes with loss of revenues.

Rely on BioITpm's solutions and retrieve a working environment quickly in the event of the unexpected.

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Cyber attack protection

As attacks multiply and hackers' methods improve day by day, what about your protection?

Do you have the best possible measures in place?

Our tools and expertise allow us to quickly identify vulnerabilities in your environment - and strengthen your defenses.

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Restoration protocols

We use some of the most powerful tools in the world to reduce the recovery time after failure to a minimum.

Stay in control of your budget by avoiding paying for an outage that can last for days. Restore your precious technological tools in just a few hours.

Face any hardship. Protect your budget against the unexpected.
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