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Multi-levels relations

Our main mission is to create a link between senior management and the IT resources of the company, optimizing costs and performance in doing that.

But BioITpm offers much more than that.

As IT experts and having worked in a multitude of diverse environments, we also offer to coordinate your IT services between your various offices, departments or suppliers.
We take care of the coordination between workplaces, departments and suppliers for all things IT.
Image by Israel Andrade

Work places

Having a level of service and support of the same quality as the head office in multiple workplaces is a challenge.

In this regard, we support the IT team in place to assist in the deployment of technologies at various locations.

Image by Luca Colapinto

Internal coordination

Multiple departments means multiple technological expectations.

We keep the company's technologies running smoothly by providing a concise and transparent report to senior management to keep them informed of the state of their IT.

Image by Headway

Supplier relations

Your largest IT service providers have a real relationship with your team, built over time.

As IT experts, we can intervene on your behalf for any addition or modification to the service, and even as a representative of your company as an impartial party.

Our mandate will give you full control of your IT.
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