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Louis Martin Landry

Over the past 30 years in information technology (IT), Louis Martin Landry has participated in the deployment of specialized software for financial advisors as well as for biotechnology companies. From 2007 to 2018, he also supported and maintained up to 75 IT parks of small and medium-sized businesses as a managed service provider, leading 6 full-time IT technicians and 4 full-time programmers as well as an expert in social media to provide complete IT solutions to its clients.

The importance of working in these corporate environments allowed him to learn the rules and regulations pertaining to financial services as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

In 2015, Louis Martin Landry began teaching in a pre-university course (CEGEP) called Computer documentation and introduction to ISO at the Teccart Institute.

Contrary to what many consultants will ask, our business model is not to ask for a full-time job for a certain period of time, nor to have so many clients that we cannot devote the appropriate time to your business.
Decades of TI expertise you can count on.
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