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Blank Cheque


A blank cheque: this may be your impression when you prepare your budgets for information technology (IT) or your team of programmers (IS). Plus, you can pick yourself up with additional budget requests for unforeseen events; a situation that is always painful for management.


Throughout my career of more than 30 years, I have worked at different levels in IT and IS, both on the side of IT resellers and IT management as well as on the side of specialized software manufacturers for the largest financial institutions in Canada. My expertise has allowed me to offer a consulting service that allows you to have an impartial external eye when it comes to the use of your company's funds for IT services.


BioITpm also offers the drafting of private tenders that will allow you to compare different options from different suppliers and give you the independence to choose the right solution for you. Our commission disclosure contract commitment inspired by the disclosure of financial advisors' commissions allows us to guarantee you full transparency on the options presented.


The short- and long-term impacts (CAPEX and OPEX) of the choice will be clearly illustrated while taking into account the technical requirements necessary for your internal team, as well as the HR impact and the integration time of a solution. Finally, having analyzed the entire solution, we can also remain in the file for the management of the project, or make the transition to your team, according to your choice.


Compliance is one of our most useful secret weapons for you: projects will integrate the notions of validation plan, documentation for the installation, operation and performance of equipment and software, allowing you to have the most independence from suppliers, human and contractual resources possible for your company. Electronic document management (EDM), electronic business process transformation and Emergency Disaster Recovery solutions are also tools we would like to present to you.


BioITpm is a small company focused on IT compliance and cybersecurity, helping to make the right technology choices and deliver projects. We limit the number of customers to ensure that the customers we serve will have all the attention they deserve, not a number among so many other customers.


We would like to introduce you in a 20-minute virtual meeting to our products and services. Do not hesitate to contact us at 514-641-7379 to make an appointment.

Face the audits. Ensure your corporate compliance.
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