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IT Productivity 201

Today's entrepreneur competes with all the companies in the world. How to outperform the competition? Profitability and profits are the crux of the matter, but productivity is often limited to your staff's ability to perform. IT tools such as fingerprint readers for password management, software for voice recognition, IP telephony and constant access on all computer platforms to your resources (emails, files, specialized software, etc.) will allow you to optimize your employees' time.

Think about it: an hour from your employee to the computer to log in to secure portals, to "piton" on the keyboard, to take note of voice messages, to handle paper; Enhance every hour of the year with processes that are optimized, and that also allow a stunt effect on your entire team, and even your suppliers and customers. For example, a supplier calls you and leaves a message in your voicemail to tell you about a surplus of inventory of a product. You receive the voice message in your email in mp3 file attached, you transfer it to your purchasing department as well as your sales department by confirming in the same email to your supplier the order, all in the same email. Your sales department, or whatever they are, will have the good news instantly, and they will be able to start the sales process before they even receive the products.

Historically, the secret to improving productivity lies in optimizing technological tools, especially in times of recession. Your Millénium Group dealer has a specialty: he knows all the information technologies, and masters their particularities that will allow the integration of these tools into your company, while ensuring that your team masters these new tools.

With the different technologies already integrated into your company, as well as all the products and services available in the world of information technology, a clear action plan and documentation of your infrastructure will be an asset for the management of your tools, as well as an added value for your company at the time of a sale, merger or other transaction of your company. Also, the requirements of regulatory authorities to comply with robust processes for the security of your data have become essential for the success of your business.

Contact us to have an assessment of your infrastructure and information technology, and take the time to consider the technological improvements that will be presented to you, always taking into consideration the increase in the productivity of your team. Also, solutions integrated into your company, or on the Internet (cloud solutions) will have to be evaluated according to the specific needs of your company. A cloud solution may apply for one company, but be contraindicated for another. Once again, your Millennium Group specialist will be able to direct you to the best solution for your company.

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