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The paperless office, the dream come true

It is known to everyone, the concept of paperless office is a concept that was promised in the early 2000s, and is still awaited.

In fact, setting up the paperless office is not about removing printers and denying postal workers entry into the office, but it is also about knowing how documents will be handled.

This is called business process management. Business processes (or workflows) are essential to set up electronically to allow an office to operate without having paper tracking. Thus, you will be able to create business processes in relation to documents that enter with specific parameters (parquet the email address and enter the document, in which directory is it deposited, what is the content of the document, etc.).

The advantage of electronic document management is that once you have set up business processes electronically, computer logics will make it possible to follow the evolution of a request, whatever it may be. Your team will have talked about the electronic document management system about the specific actions to be performed at specific times for each of the requests.

For example, you could integrate this solution into the business process of receiving goods and paying invoices. The document will be received at the email address ( or by mail (the document will be scanned and then deposited in a specific directory or recognized with a barcode or QR-Code), then the system will automatically capture this invoice, perform character recognition, allow video encoding of the document and then ask your accountant to confirm the numbers that have been perceived by computer systems; that they be approved, and then automatically transferred to the accounting system. Once this process is complete, a payment authorization request will be transferred to the management team to approve the payment of the invoice, and they have seven 7s to approve.

Once the approval(s) are received for the payment authorization document, the warehouse team will receive a request to confirm receipt of the merchandise. When the receipt of merchandise is confirmed, the accounting team will be notified that they have 15 days to make the payment, while confirming each of the steps to the supplier. Once the check or wire transfer has been submitted, the task could be archived and quickly found in the database using metadata (Meta data) presenting documents and information entered by your team.

Your Millénium Micro Group merchant can offer you such solutions. We have the ability to optimize your business processes thanks to the multiple technologies offered on the market and that we can deploy for you.

Contact us: we have solutions to help you automate your business and free you from paper and email.

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