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Often, I see shows on TV where specialists repair cars or upgrade them with great engines, bodies to dream of, and gadgets to impress the gallery.

You can do the same with your computer. Before you think about getting rid of a computer, check with your Millennium Group specialist to see if the memory could be boosted. Also, you could replace the hard drive quickly with a copying technique (called ghost) from your existing drive to a static SSD-type hard drive, or an SSHD-type hybrid hard drive, without losing any files or configuration. Increasing the available RAM and changing the hard drive could easily increase the speed by more than 20%. By installing registry repair and cleaning software, you will be able to go and get another 5%. This enhancement could give your computers a second life and give them a few more years of service at a reasonable price.

On the infrastructure side, it is important to remember that the weakest link will often be the limiting factor of your network. Thus, a switch that operates at a speed of 10 or 100 megabytes could handicap your network. Replace your switches for new models with 1000 megabytes speed, and no longer wait after file transfers in your network. If the Internet is essential to your business, a dual Internet connectivity router will allow you to have two Internet links in parallel, and redundant access to cloud resources.

Wireless? What a beautiful technology! But the network adapter on your desktop computer and access point must be secure and use G or N connectivity to enjoy advantageous speed. Multiple wireless access points will not only allow you to connect your computer tools into your network, but also offer a restricted connection to the Internet for your guests. Repeaters placed in strategic locations in your office will help to always be able to connect with a good signal.

It is not uncommon to see several office applications opened at the same time by a user. By having two screens in front of you, you will be able to open your email in one screen and work in the second screen in other programs.

A preconfigured tablet or laptop in your conference room that contains all the presentations and sales tools can be a very pleasant tool when meeting customers. Not having to worry about transferring your profile, data privacy, and having all the presentations easily accessible will allow you to focus on selling, not setup. Want to go to the next level? A touch screen will allow physical interaction, and manipulation of screens without comparison.

If you want more than "bling-bling" of your technologies, contact us to find out what tools can be integrated into your business to help you not only impress, but also maximize your information technology.


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