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Presidency of the Cosmodome Foundation - 5 years

Five years have passed since Mr. Marc DeBlois was confident that I could contribute something good to the Cosmodome Foundation and recommended my candidacy as president of the Cosmodome Foundation to the board of directors.

During these five years, with the invaluable help of the members of the Board of Directors, we can be happy of the work accomplished. Three benefit event evenings; with Mr. Bruny Surin, Mr. Gregory Charles and the hosts of the show Génial – Mr. Stéphane Bellavance and Mr. Martin Carli, not to mention the strategic planning created in 2018 by A to Z Strategic Counsel to create a long-term vision for the foundation. During the pandemic, the Cosmodome Foundation continued to not only offer remote services for people in adversity but also to create new tools such as the science box offered to schools and the Cosmodome's C2C technology kits, allowing facilitators to walk through the Cosmodome in virtual sessions.

Laval's political community, businesses and entrepreneurs across Quebec have been involved in raising funds to help with this cause. Thank you to all the employees of the Cosmodome who volunteered at the benefit evenings; particularly to Ms. Mélanie Taillon and Ms. Stéphanie Girard for their unfailing dedication to the Cosmodome Foundation.

I leave the presidency of the Cosmodome Foundation with the satisfaction that the organization is in good financial health, with a solid board of directors, involved members and sound governance of the organization.

Humanitarian causes have always attracted me. I was pleased to contribute to the Rick Hansen Foundation, the Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, Moëlle Épinière and Motricité Québec and the Cosmodome Foundation. At the dawn of my fifties, I feel a need to want to help the animals that I love so much and that also have glaring needs.

With Ms. Shirley Marquis taking over as President, accompanied by Mrs. Béatrice Perier-Agostini as Vice-President and Ms. Julie Carrier as Secretary, I am confident that the foundation will be in good hands and will bring the organization to remarkable achievements.

I will gladly continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Cosmodome Foundation at the discretion of the members of the Board.

A big thank you to all.

Louis-Martin Landry


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